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Commencing in 2024 – Now Accepting Inquiries

Canadian Taxation

We work with accountants, lawyers and other professionals to provide legal strategies, legal advice, and legal representation regarding tax planning structures for individuals without triggering Canadian tax avoidance and evasion rules, as well as equivalent international laws and treaties.

Estate freezes, tax deferral, tax minimization, double taxation, roll over provisions, terminal returns, graduated rate returns, probate planning, etc.

Ownership structures, tax shelters, offshore trusts, transfer of property and assets, purchase and sale of a business, dividends, amalgamations, corporate and capital reorganizations, termination, liquidation, international migration, business income, capitalization, small business deductions, etc.

Legal issues and disputes related to the Income Tax Act, the Canada Revenue Agency, tax court, sanctions, trials and legal procedures, as well as matters involving international taxation.

International Taxation

Canadian bilateral tax treaties, tax jurisdiction, foreign tax credits, transfer pricing, joint ventures, mergers and de-mergers, investment structures, anti-money laundering, etc.

By 2025 we look forward to expanding our service offering to matters involving international tax law. This area applies to individual persons as well as to corporations and other entities.